At BICO, I played a central role in several design-led projects. Both as a lead, from initial concept to final detailing, and as a creative helping out when widening the scope and conceptualising was needed.


A non-contact liquid handler


The I.DOT MINI is an automated non-contact liquid handler for made small academic labs with limited budgets

The front has two sections. The top part is the primary interactive area, with an integrated UI concealed in the cleaning cover. Behind the bottom lid, the source and target discs are shielded, only to be revealed when changing wellplates or samples in the source disc.

Between the cleaning cover and the bottom cover, there’s a gap, just enough for you to open the cover and be able to clean the inside. Inside is an indirect light that helps communicate status when you’re not directly next to the device.


A non-contact plate washer and liquid dispenser

Client: CYTENA

The C.WASH performs an automatic washing and dispensing cycle, used in labs where high repeatability is essential.

You place your wellplate on a carrier on the balcony, and with the help of the external UI, the cycle begins. At the front, the status bar shows you when you need to interact with it and when you can step away for a bit.

All liquid connectors are gathered on the bottom left side for less interference when placed in a fume hood but still accessible in an easy manner.


An automated cell line development platform

Client: CYTENA

The C.STATION is a one-stop-shop for laboratory research. The platform architecture was developed in VR to optimise the workflow and understand the largeness of the unit.

Together with the development team at CYTENA we devised a user-centric scalable platform that can be used with different setups depending on need and target.


A high-performance 3D printer series

Client: Nanoscribe

The QUANTUM X-series is a platform used in microfabrication on the nano-scale level.

With the form language we had established, we updated and widened the Nanoscribe product range with a more user-friendly and more defined product.