Inviting Light

A task light that gets you in the right mood

School of Industrial Design/IKDC

Your work zone is typically the place where you do your best work. For some, it’s in a collaborative environment surrounded by people; for others, it’s alone at home on the sofa. It’s very individual, and depending on your age, the need for extra light is highly individual.

Inviting Light is a family of task lights for the home, that invites you to change the light depending on what you need. A workplace can easily be created at the kitchen table or in a reading corner, by moving the light.

The shape of the luminaire is an exploration of how you interact with it, and how the light is spread. Mockups were crucial during the development, and after some initial doodles, we began to evaluate how the light was scattered with different shapes and interactions.

The light has one point of interaction, the circular dial. You can control the brightness by sliding the dial from one side to the other. When rotating the dial, you control the temperature of the light, making it possible to create a personal atmosphere