A discreet projector

Personal project

Pantalla is a personal project, which began when I was looking around for a projector for myself. There are a lot of projectors suitable for a dedicated home cinema, and also those that are made for a living room. However, almost all centres around the technology and not the context in which they will be placed.

Pantalla is taking inspiration from objects that you can find in your living room. It also recognises its history, and how the shape of the TV has evolved.

The accompanied remote has a trackpad which can be used to navigate through the interface. In the front, there is a button that can be used to pause and play with a click, and turn Pantalla on or off with a long press.

The projector uses a method called Ultra Short Throw, which essentially means that it is possible to project a large image from a very short distance. On the back of the projector is a small IR-sensor which senses the distance and can thereby self-adjust the focus on the wall.