At Lynk&Co I was recruited as an Industrial Designer joining the UX team, bridging the digital and physical experience of a ride in the newly established automotive brand.

I worked mostly in the early stages, developing the overarching story for several programs, and our team focused on establishing a coherent and holistic experience for our end user.

The projects I worked on were all electrical vehicles and they were later launched under the new exclusive EV brand Zeekr, which was spun out as sibling in the Geely Group.

During my second stint at Zeekr I again joined the UX team as an Industrial Designer, but this time the focus was specifically on establishing a portfolio of accessories and add ons for current and future vehicles.


While working on the future EV’s, we also saw the need to make some auxiliary products such as a bespoke chargers for our upcoming vehicle lines.

Together with studio engineering and our team in China we developed a charging platform scalable for multiple scenarios.

My main task was to create a seamless storyline, while charging at home, at a friends house while on a trip, and at “charging park”


A big portion of my time at Zeekr has been dedicated to the new Zeekr MIX, which is a mid sized MPV catering to a younger family with ambitions to leave the city once in a while.

The marketing team asked for our involvement when they began formalising three major use-cases. We guided them with our mindset and developed three quite expansive stories where MIX was treated as an extension of the home.

Together with the interior and exterior team, we used the stories as a kick-off for a line of accessories that would answer to the needs and wants gathered in our framework.

009 Grand

Shaping the ride for a premium MPV, aiming for a 1st class airplane experience on wheels.

We built a mix of use cases that all centred around the experience of the 2nd row. Both digital and physical properties were fabricated, tested and looped.


I was a part of the team working on the pre study for a bespoke ride hailing car. Both as a unit it in an autonomous fleet, but also as a regular car used by regular people. 

We collected first hand knowledge through interviews in major capitals and developed a vast framework, from which we concretised eleven archetypes that would symbolise different aspects of our target audience. 

The pre study formed several concepts that were realised through stories and physical mockups, feeding in to the project.

New EV

When a new program was initiated I was tasked with engaging the Interior and Exterior Design teams, and the outcome was a story around a family in four different timelines.

I developed stories centered around the star of the project, and how this EV could be integrated in the life of the family.